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      Chris is a native-born, gratitude-driven creator, using art as a means of travel through his journey of life.    

      There is no true beginning to his artistic nature- as it was here before, now, and after his breath is permitted on this planet; such is the fact of tattoo not being novel or new, rather a piece of human history expanding millennia.

      His tattoo process reflects all of these truths, bringing out self, individuality, and expression of one's own life, allowing his clients to carry personal pieces of art on their body as they journey through mortality.    


      Reflecting in the historical nature of Tatau and the Chicano use of self-made black pigments, he maintains the old-school approach of simplicity in execution, which allows for lasting works of black and grey to be carried for a lifetime. It is mindfulness and meaningful work that brings joy and peace to his process, here to share with all those seeking a meaningful and intimate experience of his tattoos.